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    Camille posted an update 6 years, 7 months ago

    It’s better to not be close to anyone. This is the real world. You are alone.

    • And yet whats the point of life if you have noone to share it with – be that friends, family or something else entirely. When we let people get close we put ourselves at risk, but equally we have someone to talk to, to share with, to bond with. The real world has some stark realities and chief among them is the fact that those closest to you are capable of bringing both the most joy and the greatest harm. But if you take care and trust yourself to find truly decent people, then they’ll prove to you that your never truly alone

    • @Ye_Olde_Hartman That’s the point. Everyone I know failed me, used me, ignored me, disappointed me. I can’t anymore afford to trust someone again. I don’t want to get hurt again. I hope I will find them but I doubt it.

    • Aye I hope you find them too. But the only way to do that is to keep trying. As far as trusting people goes: just remember that trust is earned, not freely given. Be careful who you give it to, and in time and with a little bit of luck you’ll find those people that deserve your trust as much as you deserve their integrity and honesty. I really hope you find someone worthy – I really do – but until then try to take comfort from the fact that there are decent people out there. The challenge is finding them

    • It may be hard but yeah I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.