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    Blueberry posted an update 5 years, 9 months ago

    christmas is a lie

    • @buenowaffle

      While the modern interpretation of Christmas is not the truth, seeing as the biblical Jesus-fugure neither existed in reality, nor was he born on Dec. 25th and the Winter Solstice celebrations were incorporated into Christianity in order to ease the conversion of the various pagans, that does not mean that the winter celebrations cannot still be a source of happiness and positivity. Many people who are not Christians celebrate at the end of the calendar year. This need not be an unpleasant time of year for you; you can choose to positively associate with something.

      I personally celebrate the Humanist winter celebration of HumanLight on Dec. 23rd. How I feel about Christmas in particular holds no bearing on my overall positive association to the month.

    • @buenowaffle Lie or not, it’s good to sit in company and enjoy a nice meal :)

    • Do try to have a good Christmas and new year that is filled with joy and happiness @buenowaffle, you deserve all the best, be upbeat and keep going, you can do it, I’m always here if you need to chat :) (hugs)