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    mariko posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    I’m living one of the worst moments of my life. Ironically, that made me realise I have to go out more, write more, read more and in two years getting a master’s degree on Chinese studies. Why? Cause to me studying, learning, reading and writing are everything to me. So instead of crying like a baby, I’ll have my head up high and say “NO, this…[Read more]

    Mood : Anxious
    • It’s good to see you determined to face the world with positivity and brightness @marikofujimoto, you are totally right Mariko, you will make it and come out so much stronger, remember this community will always be here to support you and so will I, always believe in yourself and your abilities to get things done, everything will go your way hun,…[Read more]