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    BlahTherapy Moderation posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    Good evening, Community. Today is a good day for some of us, and for others of us it has been heavy and trying. It is important to remember that the holidays rejuvenate some and drain others. Our lives as human beings are broadly diverse and nuanced, and what should be the best of times for some can be the worst of times for someone else.

    We come to BlahTherapy to reach out to one another, to spread the net of support and compassion, and it is not always easy, even to those of us who find the strength to provide support to our fellow humans. In times of joy as well as in times of sorrow, always keep in mind that you are not alone; that places like BlahTherapy exist for the express purpose of extending the love of humanity as far as we may.

    For each and every one of you who persist in returning to BlahTherapy in whatever interval however often or seldom, we are deeply thankful. That is the the thanks that we give today and every day.

    However far-flung and alone or packed and cramped our lives, we wish you all Happy Holidays, and we thank you for trusting BlahTherapy.

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