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    BlahTherapy Moderation posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    Hello community, thank you for your patience while we work at our end to bring the disabled services back up to full functionality.

    In the meantime, it is inspiring to see so many people continuing to reach out and help each other in our times of need. Here are a few tips on helping on BlahTherapy:

    •When replying to someone on the What’s New feed, tag their name by using their @ username, which can be found on their profile.

    •Remember to validate one another’s feelings:we are all human beings and we share many of the same faults; insecurities, character flaws and just plain old bad decisions.

    •BlahTherapy is not the place for ”tough love”. There is only a half-step from ”keeping it real” and abuse. BlahTherapy is the place for people to come provide or find comfort, compassion, and the love of humanity, not to be shamed and berated.

    •We all love to see each other reaching out to one another on the Feed, but always remember to provide a private ear for your Venter. It is very hard for some people to even admit that they need help, and for those of us who have taken that big first step to asking for help, be compassionate and offer them a safe place within a safe place.

    •And as always, if you see any abusive content from any medium, do not hesitate to contact Moderation at BlahTherapy.com/members/blahmoderator1