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    big pipsqueak posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    I think I’m ashamed of the sexual part of me

    • Why’s that?

    • Many of us are in some way, even in older years, you are not alone. (@beyondsuicidal)

    • @taaj96
      Cause in my religion, premarital sex is a sin so I guess I think my sexual urges are bad

    • Thanks @rinseandrep I think it might be easier for when I eventually get married because I won’t think I’m doing a sin

    • Well… I know this may hurt your feelings but, religions shouldn’t dictate what’s right or wrong.
      Having sex without being married is not bad but is not good neither, it all depends how is being done. You’re doing it for pleasure or for love, or for reproduction purposes (having children)… Some people do it for exercising purposes too.

      Anyway, for your future you should think more about your life, getting married to have sex, then if you have a terrible life with the guy you marry to, end in 2 things, living in depression or getting divorced… then it goes like that as a vicious cycle.

      I shall stop talking randomly since I don’t know anything about you, so it’s up to you to think by yourself without any influence (religious/society/etc) or to follow rules created by other humans to control you.

    • Uhm, marriage is not always the end of it, some people still find it troubling to suddenly shed away shame and guilt around it, but since it’s a common problem, there will be tools at your service to work on it (books, therapy, groups, etc). (@beyondsuicidal)

    • @taaj96
      What you’re saying is true, and I know that intellectually, but I find it hard to internalize it and stop feeling guilty.

      The reason I feel shame is because premarital sex is considered a sin. Once I get married, I won’t be feeling like I’m doing a sin every time I have sexual urges.

    • I think its cool and brave to even vent this :) its no sin..its just state of ur mind which can b changed..enjoy the beauty of what u have and live ur life to the full.:) ha ha keep smiling :) u r the girl :like: