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    ariana blueeeee posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    I just dont know how to let go of this rage , im burning inside , im angry , i just … want it all to go away , i want to break things , to smash things ….. i have no clue what to do

    • Please don’t be sad or angry @aria-lily, you are such an incredible and amazing person who deserves all the love, joy and happiness in the world, try your best to focus on the things that make you smile, focus on getting yourself to a better place emotionally, physically and mentally, hold your head up high and be sweet to yourself, don’t let anything get you down, you are a survivor Ariana, things will be OK and so many more brighter days will be ahead, you can do it hun, keep going and always believe in yourself, there is always hope and there is always light at the end of the tunnel, I’m always here if you need someone to open up too, message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • some might disagree with you

    • Pray to God and ask Him to remove anger from your heart and to transform every WOUND AND EVERY SCAR you have gotten into an opening for Light to enter, beautifully, soften and guide your heart. Surround your self with positive good people. I read somewhere that no one can make others truly be happy if this person chooses to be unhappy. happiness is a choice. Yea sure there are days when things might not go the way you want it to but that’s life and you just need a better way of handling difficult situation. Sometimes thinking less about yourself and more about other peoples needs helps. Reminds you that there are others who are going through shit in their life too or even worser things and that the world doesn’t revolve around an individual person or that persons problem. Let go of the anger, learn to love your self and change your bad habits and try to forgive those who have hurt you because at the end of the day anger doesn’t solve anything. So fix your relationship with God and also Happiness=reality minus the expectation. Don’t put you hopes in this world or some people to make you happy because you will end up being disappointed and with more anger inside you. The only one who can fill the hole in your heart and remove the anger is God. so start doing the things that pleases God and stop doing the things that displeases God. Eventually all this anger will go away. so have patience and actually commit yourself to let go of this anger. SORRY FOR TYPING TOO MUCH