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    This world sucks, so I made my own.

    • Don’t let the bad things in the world get you down @aprxl, do your best to live your life in a good way and focus on all the compassionate and beautiful things that are happening April, smile and keep being the bright and fantastically sparkling angel that you are, you can do it April, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, message me anytime, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • @oliver I’m really not an angel, I’m Lucifer himself

    • @aprxl Ey fam, why you trying to steal my role? If you’re Lucifer then what am I? What’s worse than Lucifer? Hmm, might need to research that.

    • @theripper I actually researched it because I was curious, and nothing. I did come across someone saying humans are more evil, so you can just be yourself (lol), I think being a sparkling angel would suit you better

    • @aprxl I would rather get kicked repeatedly in the nuts. I am not from twilight, fuck that. So if humans are worse than the devil, is Lucifer then good? You know, Lucifer was god’s favorite angel. Favorite sparkling angel.

    • @theripper You’re funny. Maybe, who knows. Some humans are their own form of self-destruction and evil I guess, what are your thoughts? I didn’t know that until now, so which one are you? I’m not sure if Lucifer the sparkling angel has or wants friends, but you could potentially fill that position if you don’t want to be a sparkling angel. Dude I was doing some further reading, and it says Lucifer translates to ‘’shining one, light-bearer” to add “morning star”. That may explain why I’m in the dark all the time, we are light.
      Sorry I’ve wrote a lot lol.

    • @aprxl Well I try. I think the world shapes us, but we give it the power to destroy us. Only we can truly ruin ourselves. Oh I’m definetely no sparkling angel, ask anyone. Except Oliver, don’t ask him. Well being in the darkness is the more comfortable of the two if you ask me.
      ”Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us” – Marianne Williamson.

    • That makes sense. I guess we all have demons, and they can come out to play at any time, causing us to self destruct. ”We are all our own form of destruction, and our existence is an act of our misguided choices.” Hahahaha oh shit. They might say the same. Maybe you could possibly be Lucifer then. Anyway being a sparkling angel is lame, the devil was real, he was a fallen angel. To add, whether or not you think the same, the reason being behind that is the darkness conceals what we don’t want to see,  whereas the light exposes us to that, possibly. That actually makes sense. Some people find horrors in the light and beauty in the dark.

    • Sorry I forgot to tag you @theripper ^

    • @aprxl We dont self destruct because out demons come out to play, we self destruct because we stopped fighting them. I dont believe the devil is real. God and Lucifer are human constructs, I think when people started that whole thing that made up 2 polar opposites that all humans have. We can all be forgiving, kind, generous and loving, and we can all be cruel, spiteful, evil and greedy. I think it depends what part every person leans more towards. Saying someone was born a certain way is bullshit. We are all born as equals. Our experiences shapes us, and depending on whether they’re good or bad, how you handle it, react to it and let it change you is what makes you lean towards the angel or the devil inside you. Or atleast that’s what I think. And yes, being a sparkling angel would be spectacularly foul.

    • @theripper
      We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one, although you have an interesting theory of the devil and what not.
      To an extent yes, speaking of which it brings in the whole ”nature vs nurture” debate. From another perspective, some people may inherit things genetically, which even so it influences the smallest traits of how they are as a person. Then bringing in characteristics by experiences (nurture) and what not that molds us into how we are. Excluding whether or not we’re angels or demons. I was doing some reading and a study was carried out, they found that on average 49% of the average variation for human traits and diseases were down to genetics, and the other 51% were due to environmental factors. So its a mixture of both. You have wings beside your name LOL, interesting.

    • @aprxl I’m talking about what defines a person and what a person can accomplish, not about what diseases we can get. And you found a study, which can be flawed, you didnt find an undeniable truth. When it comes to diseases it’s a mixture, when it comes to everything else, it is in no way a 49/51% mixture. Yea, I tried to get those fuckers removed.

    • @theripper dude I have nothing left to add, except the fact I think you’re good at making your points

    • @aprxl Why thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.

    • @theripper thanks dude ^_^

    • @aprxl Ofcourse, got you fam!

    • @theripper *cries*

    • @aprxl Haha ;)