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    it’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success

    • Don’t let your struggles beat you or get you down @aprxl, you will be successful in coming out stronger and leading a life that is filled with hope, brightness and positivity April, remember much happiness and amazing moments lie ahead for you, keep going and never give up, I’m always here if you need to vent April, my inbox is always open, you are not alone :) (hugs)

    • @oliver Is your inbox always open? and I am alone lol, I like it that way

    • It’s always open to anyone who needs to talk about anything or if you need a friend @aprxl :) (hugs)

    • @oliver I just wondered as you write this on every comment

    • Dude, your fashion of always commenting like this comes across as slightly disingenous. Maybe you should consider changing your formula @oliver

    • @aprxl, @spirogot, I’m just here to help others in any way I can, I’ll always be here for any Blah members who need help or support, I just want to make users in this community feel good about themselves, anyone can inbox me and I’ll be there if you need me :)

    • Sorry if my posts annoy anyone @aprxl, @spirogot, I don’t want to see anyone unhappy or sad, or go through depression and loneliness like I have, I’m on Blah to make others feel good :)

    • I really admire what you’re trying to do here, and I can see why you’re doing it. I just think it might be more meaningful if you changed your comments, so that they appeared more unique to each problem? @oliver

    • I’ll try to make my posts more applicable to various situations @aprxl, @spirogot, just know that I’m here to help this community and not upset anyone, honestly when I post something, I do it because I want that user to know that I care and I always will :)

    • awesome, man. Otherwise, keep doing your thing!

    • he’s the only one who who replies to everyone’s public posts, and i’m sure he’ll reply to all PMs… oli is a legend guys why can’t you all just thank him?

    • @yamoros12 Thanki him for what? Spamming people?

    • @theripper yeah Niklaus thank him for spamming people with kindness, with trying to reach out to everyone and anyone who posts on here no matter what they say or whether he had the answers or not. @oliver is AMAZING, he may not always type the right thing but hey who does? He tries and I would 100 per cent believe his heart is in the right place. Sometimes it’s the people who have been through the most that show the most kindness because they know what more than most how cruel the world can be and I think Oliver is one of those people. He might spam with messages but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t truly wish the best for everybody. Now stop bullying Oli and leave him be. He is blahtherapy’s SUPERSTAR!

    • Whether his ”heart” is in the right place or not is irrelevant. If he’s not helping, he’s hurting, which is counterproductive. So as long as you say ”nice” things it’s okay to spam? Even people who doesn’t like it, doesn’t want it or asked for it? That makes no sense.You think Oliver knows how cruel the world can be because people are/were mean to him? Because he has depression? Now I’m not saying depression is nothing, I know it’s no joke, but to say you know how cruel it can be because you have depression and people were mean to you is bollocks, pure codswallop. Until you’ve experience the worst that can be done to you, until ”the world” has broken you and you are in complete dispair, you don’t tell me that you know how cruel the world can be, most of you Oliver cheerleaders here have no idea just how cruel the world really is. Just because he’s helping you doesn’t mean he’s not hurting someone else. Get your shit together.

    • @itsaboutthelittlethings No because you would lose, obviously. How would you know whether he’s harming anyone? You’re just assuming he’s not because you like him. Alot of consideration? Really? He has a lot of consideration for the people he is spamming? Yea he takes the time get their name to post, too bad he doesn’t take the time to write them a personal message reaching out and actually helps people. It’s not fair? The world isn’t fair, I’m not fair, welcome to the real world. Exactly, you don’t know the problem, so I don’t even know why you’re here? Your opinion means nothing to me so what, are you gonna change my mind and make friends with a spammer? And let’s get something straight, if you can’t spell my name properly, which is right above the comment box because of my last reply, then I don’t know what you’re doing. And if you can’t string a fucking sentence together, then don’t type?

    • @itsaboutthelittlethings Finally, I had to push you a lot but you finally came out to play. Even though I did have it way worse than almost everyone here, I wasn’t talking about myself. When he says dumb shit, and I mean dumb, like ”cheer up, you can make it, think positively”, when you say that to someone who has depression what do you think happens? You think that helps them? Come on, you’re smarter than that. Ofcourse it angers them, and because it angers them it makes matters worse. You see all the good things because that’s all you care to look at. See this is the problem that you and Oliver and everyone else only looks at the ones who are thankful for his replies, because they desperately need attention. You never look at the other ones. Ofcourse you would use a word like bullying, that plays right into your wheelhouse right? When Oliver states his opinion, and it is his opinion, he’s just trying to help, however the results are. He makes matters worse, but oh he’s just trying to help, he’s just doing this and that because he’s a good guy. When I state my opinion, it’s bullying. Hold up everybody, hold the phone, I state my opinion therefore I must be bullying. I’m a person, so I have basic human rights, so I can tell you whatever I want, whenever I want. Your ”mental health” makes you illiterate? Well I can be quite charming when I want to be. Plus they trust me to be honest with them when people like you and Oliver are not. I never said I was a kind man, why would you think that would be an insult to me.