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    - "”Oli, for a man of 28 years old, you are wasting your life” I was told this today by my father, I’m so pathetic and stupid honestly, I’m a failure of a human-being and a worthless son who is an utter screw-up and […] "View
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    - "Today I’m wearing a binder because my dysphoria is really bad. My parents won’t let me cut my hair short so that doesn’t help. My mother saw all my scars from me cutting and she said “If you really want to cut […] "View
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    - "Guys long time no see….Exams…… "View
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    - "So, I think I had a psychogenic blackout yesterday. I googled it, and google was all like, “oh by the way, these are like, seizures and stuff” so that scared me until I saw the other bit –Basically what […] "View
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