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    $teve posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Things haven’t been great these past couple of weeks. The week after I left school my dad told me that he got caught by the police on the way home because he didn’t see the sign on the road that says you can’t do a u-turn in the approaching path, which my dad didn’t see because of his truck being pretty big and sort of blocking the view for him, so he accidentally made the u-turn. He has court in a few weeks, and it’s just sad how my dad doesn’t have a license even though he’s tried countless times to pass the drivers test at the DMV, without it, he’s going to get a fine, or potential jail-time. I feel for him so very much since it isn’t a easy test for most people, heck even my 18 year old sister didn’t pass it the previous attempts, but somehow my 16 year old sister passed it the first time. About a few weeks in and I was starting to get worried about my dog, she hasn’t been eating as much anymore, she’s lacked energy, she just hasn’t been herself lately, but there’s an explanation to that; basically she’s so sad and lonely without her owner in the house that she just doesn’t want to do anything, but when she is here the dog gets all hyped and super active and starts being her normal self. I don’t know why she acts this way, nor does my sister, but it just happens. As of right now, my dad and my 16 year old sister left for Guatemala at around 8:30 A.M, and I couldn’t help but to develop a panic/anxiety attack because I had the important job of taking care of my 4 younger siblings right after they left. I mistakenly contacted one of my friends earlier in the mornin, but I had to get some help from them, and they calmed me down and told me that everything will be ok going on forward. Thank you @FadingEcho for helping me this mornin, I really appreciated you noticing my concern and helping me with it. It’s not the summer I anticipated to be having at the moment, but hopefully things will turn around for the best. Injustice and corruption also happened in the world of sports, but most of ya’ll probably don’t give a care, so I won’t go in depth of how it played out.

    Anyways, I hope ya’ll are having a great summer, and I wish you all the best of times. Stay safe out there, and have an amazing time.
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    • Try to stay positive and know everything will be OK @anxietyattack66, hopefully your father will not be sent to prison, do your best on your driving test Steve, remember no matter what happens, you will be successful and you will pass, always be the caring and loving sibling that you are, do take care of your other siblings and pets but remember to look after yourself too Steve, try to stay upbeat and keep going forward, you can do it Steve, we all want the best for you, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)