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    These 3 words I give to others, as well as others who should give it to me. these 3 words isn’t a right to have, These 3 words are a privilege to have.

    Mood : Humbled
    • We should all treat each other with respect, kindness and care @anxietyattack66, thank you for always being wonderful, sweet and amazing Steve, always treat others with dignity and make sure they treat you well in return, have an awesome day and keep being the special person that you are Steve, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone (hugs)
      Those words are also from WWE star John Cena, it’s good to see another wrestling fan here on BT, I was a super fan years ago but haven’t watched current WWE programming for a long time, I do watch old Attitude Era stuff on YouTube, as well as original ECW, but I did manage to catch a little of the new promotion AEW recently, OK I’ll stop rambling about wrestling now, do have a fantastic day Steve, you are so fabulous :) (hugs)