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    $teve posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    It’s been a great week, not really in terms of what i’m interested in, but overall it was a fun weekend. I got a nice haircut which kind of self boosted my personality for a bit, and my family actually found it nice and a lot better than my other haircuts which I can agree with a lot. Tbh, this barber actually put in more decent effort in my hair, asked me what I wanted to cut, and how I wanted it to look, I had control for the first time, everywhere else the barber didn’t ask me what I wanted, they just went straight ahead to cutting it no questions asked. That’s the partial reason why I wore a sweater with the hoodie up at school because I didn’t want friends to notice my disgusting and awful haircut.

    Anyways, the day after, @FadingEcho invited me to watch Avengers Endgame which I kindly accepted, which I was reluctant to go at first, but I decided to go because it would have been a fun experience to have met her family and just enjoy the film even though I’ve seen it a few days earlier (don’t ask me how, the FBI might be onto me). Thanks @FadingEcho for inviting me, that was a nice offering from you, and thanks for getting me out of the house for the first time in like 2 years.

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    • I’m sure you look awesome with your new wonderful haircut @anxietyattack66, do love every part of yourself Steve, awww that is so nice that you and @985921sqh went to the movies together, glad you both had a fantastic time, glad you had a nice week Steve, keep smiling and stay upbeat, you can do it, hope things continue going well for you Steve, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)