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    $teve posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Oh man guys, what a break that was. It was probably the worst spring break i’ve been through so far. Like what @FadingEcho said in her previous update, I was forced to go with my dad and his brother for a trip to Kings Dominion. I had a say, but no one would listen, pretty much I was feeling bad that everyone wanted me to go, even though I didn’t want to go for the sake of my own decision. I was in a car for at least 6-7 hours, and during that time when we arrived their, the fucking place was closed. No one looked it up to see wether it would be opened or closed on that day, which made me pissed but kind of gave me a burst of laughter. Pretty much my break was a waste, but it could’ve gone worse.

    Anyways, let me just say it’s great to be back on here. I really missed posting on here, and receiving all of your positive messages.

    First off, hope all you lads had a positive spring break, and hopefully a better one than mines. 2nd, wtf is up with the stupid security check on this website? Like literally I have to prove that i’ve passed the 2nd grade in order to sign back into my account, that’s literal bullshit, but then again, I had to do some math over the break, so that was a good practice since I couldn’t avoid it every time I wanted to sign back in. Finally, I just want to say, @FadingEcho, don’t think people won’t matter if you died, people will remember you. I don’t know how people will remember you if you died, but they will.

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    • I’m sorry this happened to you, as you know, @anxietyattack66. We’ve discussed this privately, so I’ll leave it be.

      The security isn’t to keep out people, it’s to keep out bots. Why someone would create bots to troll our wonderful BT community is beyond me, but… here we are.

    • I’m so sorry that your spring break was bad @anxietyattack66, your father and uncle should have listened to your ideas and suggestions instead of ignoring you and wasting your time, you deserve to feel appreciated and valued Steve by all those closest to you, try to have a good day and keep being the awesome person that you are Steve, feel free to inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent Steve, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)
      I honestly think the security check is a good thing, this community has to keep out bots, trolls and spammers out, I don’t want to see this lovely community being trolled at all :) (hugs)