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    $teve posted an update 6 months ago

    I’m feeling relaxed now, but stressed at the same time since I have to do homework really late because of earlier events that prevented me from doing it. I just can’t take this pressure from my family. Its just one of those days where you want it to be smooth throughout the whole day, but one screw up from my family and it turns into a complete disaster. Not everyday can it be all butterflies and happiness, but it’s something that I have to deal with, you know?

    Mood : Determined
    • Oli replied 6 months ago

      Do relax and take care of yourself @anxietyattack66, I’m sure you will manage to get your homework done Steve, work hard but remember to look after yourself too, your family really shouldn’t put any pressure on you, they should help guide you, support, comfort, love and be there for you Steve, you will be OK and you will make it through this Steve, stay determined and keep going forward with hope, confidence and optimism, always smile brightly and never give up, you are a survivor Steve, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • @anxietyattack66

      I get that. When you struggle so much on a daily basis, it can be difficult to trust a decent moment. And then one negative event can make it all come crashing down.
      I’m the same way. If I’m in a good state of mind, I remain cautious, and if something bad happens – it doesn’t matter how small the issue may be – I absolutely lose it.

      What’s important is that you were able to get to this relaxed state, and you will be able to do it again. Bad days are bound to happen, even if it feels they’re always around. The goal is to work on not letting certain events ruin one of those good days you’re having.

    • As you said, sometimes certain unsettling events can change your mood and/or routine in less than a second, @anxietyattack66. Just as Oli and Hayden said, the important thing it’s to look after yourself and to not let these kind of eventualities to ruin your mood. I know you will have done your homework in time, and I hope that you’re having a better day today. Stay strong!

    • @anxietyattack66, they said it all. You’ll be okay. If you need to talk, inbox me, I’m here. You’re not alone.

    • @anxietyattack66, they said it all. You’ll be okay. If you need to talk, inbox me, I’m here. You’re not alone.