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    $teve posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    This message is for my friend Fading Echo.

    Hi, I just want to let you know that even though you think you can’t help me anymore, you walking with us and being there physically and talking to us both is more than enough help you can give me, even if you don’t see that in your eyes, that’s how I see it. Thank you for taking the time out of what you do during lunch to walk with us and chat with us, I really appreciate it. And even if your not there, i’ll always have Hector by my side to chat and walk with.

    • @anxietyattack66, I almost cried reading this, in a good way.

      But don’t think I can’t help you anymore, Steve. My inbox is still 100% open to you. I just can’t spend huge blocks of time chatting away with you the way we used to.

      You’re not alone, Steve. Never, ever, ever think you’re alone. We’re here for you.

    • That’s so sweet @anxietyattack66, it’s great that you have friends like @985921sqh to support and be there for you, always surround yourself with compassionate friends who will always be there to help and support you, please know that the BT community will always be here for you too, you are both amazing Echo and Steve, keep being the special human-beings that you both are and never give up, I’ll always be here if either of you ever need to talk, inbox me anytime, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • I know i’m never alone. I’ll always have you and ”Others” by my side no matter what. I’ll tell you how ”he” reacts to your note later today.

    • Yeah. If he tries to do anything, just ignore him. I can deal with it.