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    Naturopathy Myths: Debunked Now!

    A growing percentage of the population is now trying to seek precautionary and wellness benefits from unconventional areas of medicinal practice. One of the most commonly tried out forms of functional medicine Mississauga is naturopathy. And just like any other non-conventional area of practice, it is surrounded by a lot of myths. But you don’t need to be tensed about thinking what is right and what if wrong, because here we are, debunking the popular naturopathy myths for you.

    · Myth 1: It is not scientific or evidence-based.
    Truth: Regulated naturopathy doctors undergo a minimum of four years of education and their practice is as science-based as any other doctor.

    · Myth 2: Naturopathy is an anti-drug and anti-prescription treatment.
    Truth: A naturopathic clinic Mississauga aims at treating the patient and though they primarily focus on natural and herbal medicines, they are not anti-drugs. Prescription drugs can be a part of the treatment if the circumstances require.

    · Myth 3: You have to choose from either naturopathy or regular medicines.
    Truth: Naturopathy doctors are a part of the health care team and work hand-in-hand with conventional doctors. You don’t have to choose any one of these but can take both together in a combination prescribed by the experts.

    · Myth 4: It is natural and it is safe!
    Truth: “Natural” doesn’t always translate to “safe”. If you think naturopathy will have no side effects whatsoever then you are completely wrong. Natural products too can have side effects and contradictions. You need to ensure that you are consulting an expert to be safe from any kind of medical repercussions.

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