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    Fading Echo posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    first of all. I VOTE FOR OLI (@oliver) TO BE A MOD. i really feel like this site needs mods. or like something to keep the bots away.

    second. heres how my life is going. im feeling better overall.
    the issue with this is i dont know if its real. i cant make head or tail of this shit. we all know the mask, right? the mask is like where you pretend to be happy. i cant tell if ive become it so completely that im fooling even myself or if its real. every time i feel sad i squish it by listening to happy music or playing video games or texting friends, but does that make it any less real? i just dont know. am i really feeling better or is it fake? anyone got advice?

    Mood : Confused
    • The mask will slip away and you will find true happiness, love and positivity @985921sqh, please know you are truly beautiful, special and incredible Echo, you are absolutely perfect and fantastic, remember to always surround yourself with brightness and be kind to yourself, everything will be OK Echo, believe in yourself, go forward with confidence and never give up, you can do it Echo, I’m so proud of you, feel free to inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)
      I would love to become a moderator on BT Echo, hopefully I can become one but I’ll let the members of the wonderful, fabulous and brilliant BT community decide what to do, thank you for thinking of me Echo, you are so sweet and kind, feel free to inbox me anytime if you want to talk, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • First, I completely agree with you for @Oliver to be a mod, he’s literally on this site every time I sign in, and he’s always trying to give others advice, tell them what’s wrong, what others are saying that aren’t true if it’s a negative saying about themselves, it’s just great to have him here. To be fair though, if Oliver would to be a mod on here, he would need others by his side to help him, but I would still support him.

      2nd. No, you’re really feeling better mate, you’ve just not been used to having these things come to you. It’s ok that you’re unsure about things that clearly, but it’s better to just take it easy and just relax about it. Even if you think it’s fake, you shouldn’t think all of it is undeserved, you deserve everything that went your way positively. Take breaks, as you have, don’t rush things if it’s not needed, it’s ok if it’s confusing, but just don’t overthink it. That’s pretty much it from me, hopefully I helped you a bit.

      You’ll never walk alone