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    Fading Echo posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    It’s been so long, guys. So much has happened. Most of it is stress.

    1. My parents are thieves and stole my knife, which makes me mad af but I’m sure will make you happy.
    2. My dad installed another block in the internet to block BT from my computer, so I’m working on hacking that. (I’ve got a temporary 5 minute window that I’m using rn.)
    3. I texted my ex and we made amends, but then (out of nowhere) he told me I was faking my depression for attention.
    4. I forgave my ex (because I’m stupid) and then he got mad at me and walked out of my life again, leaving things between us worse than they had been beforehand, with a final ”I’m done, you do what you want. Don’t kill yourself. Bye.”
    5. I got told that I talk about my depression too much.
    5a. In my defense: there are three people I trust in this world, and I tend to rely on those three to talk about my problems with. But then my ex planted a seed of doubt, and I stopped relying on them as much to vent to.
    5b. I’m sorry, @anxietyattack66
    6. I might be gone for the summer.

    Mood : Annoyed
    • I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I can’t believe your ex is still being a dick towards you even though you forgave him, that’s not how it’s supposed to be done and approached. I can’t believe your ex thinks your faking your depression for attention, that’s fucking wrong and will always be wrong, you never faked anything in front of us, I know for a fact that you haven’t been faking anything, especially your actions and emotions. You talk too much about your depression, so what? It isn’t right to talk about your issues a-lot? Is it bad that your constantly mentioning it in conversations? To some it may be the case, but to us it will never be like that. We are a community that always accepts feelings, and if it’s a-lot to process, then it shall be that way. Don’t have your ex give you major doubt @FadingEcho, he shouldn’t be doing this to you, I don’t know why you text him from time to time (It’s not bad, but it’s going to really hurt you), but from what i’ve been collecting from all this, it’s clear that he wants nothing to do with you anymore. Don’t let your ex be the only one to further doubt yourself, you have amazing friends who you can trust and tell your issues to, we will never leave you because we don’t want to leave you, we don’t want you to be alone. It’s ok that you might be gone for the summer, as long as during this break you relax and refresh yourself, start over and take out the negative things in your mind, do what you wanna do that’ll make you happy and feeling more better, but don’t kill yourself, you told it wasn’t the answer, so why should it be to you? I understand that your living a life of hell, and so am I, but killing yourself isn’t the way to go lad, it just isn’t the way.

      You’ll never walk alone

    • Please don’t let your horrible ex have any power over you @985921sqh, he has absolutely no right being mean towards you, you deserve so much better Echo, please don’t listen to him, struggling with depression is NOT attention seeking, you are such a lovely person who wants the sadness to stop, do open up about your thoughts, feelings and emotions Echo, we are all here to support you on BT and you have amazing people like @anxietyattack66 there to support you at school, please don’t kill yourself Echo, you are a survivor who will overcome all her struggles and things will get better.
      Your parents shouldn’t steal from you but know they are concerned about you and looking out for your welfare because they want to see you happy @985921sqh, do find ways to unblock your computer so you can access BT, this community will always be here to support you and so will I Echo, we all love and care about you so much sweetie, everything will be OK Echo, stay upbeat and keep going forward with bravery, courage and smiles, you can do it, always believe in yourself and never give up, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)