I’m a Woman and I’m Depressed

December 17, 2012

Did you know that regardless of nationality and socioeconomic status, women have a higher chance of succumbing to depression than men. Maybe that attributes to the fact that we’re so emotional. However, reasons for such a higher susceptibility actually appear to be a combo of cultural and biological factors.

Life Phase and Hormonal Changes

We all know that changes in hormones trigger emotional swing reactions for all women. There have been studies that attribute to the correlation between hormones and depression in women, however the actual cause is still unclear. Undoubtedly, female hormones play an important role in so-called “premenstrual dysphoria”, SAD moment, and postpartum depression. Forms of these types of depression stop after menopausal stages.

During early puberty, a girl who reaches age 11 or younger are actually more susceptible to experiencing depression during their adolescent stage than girls who are more matured.

When a woman hits the time of pre-menopause, women ages 20-45 are hat a greater risk of becoming depressed. According to a record of this particular study, about 34% of women in this age group begin to complain about having symptoms of severe depression.

Clinical depression typically shows occurrence around the menopausal stage; this is the stage by which hormonal secretion of a woman changes. Symptoms including mood swings, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, and hypertension are now experienced.

At the time a woman passes into the postmenopausal stage, some studies reveal that the median depression scores become practically as low as women who are under premenopausal stage. To be frank, there are cases that display that after the experience of menopause, these women also suffered from clinical depression. One cause in particular of that in a case such as that are seasonal changes.

Other studies in the US report even grandmothers who display affection and love for their grandchildren and loved ones, are at high risk for becoming depressed, other factors may also ensue.

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