Facing dire Life Challenges? Give Your Stomach a Break

December 17, 2012

Facing dire Life Challenges? Give Your Stomach a Break

In our lives today, every day isn’t always the same. Some days we feel amazing, other times, not so much and we deal with constant worries. We may feel relaxed one day, then the next completely tensed with worries running about the mind.

When we encounter these kinds of conditions beloved, not even the most soluble foods can be digested, well not in a proper manner that is. Considerably, the myriad of food combinations that a majority of our meals are prepared, (including the occasional junk food fix) and other unnatural substances, consuming food while dealing with emotional distress can and does lead to poisoning and fermentation of the human body because these items simply will not be digested. Who would’ve thunk it, eh?

Additionally, it’s certainly a true statement that under stressful situations, most right-minded individuals abstain from eating and for some reason actually lack the desire to eat. Conversely it’s also quite common that many of us however prefer to indulge in consuming large meals when in these kinds of moods, (which are most likely disease construing foodstuffs to begin with). Consequently, this complicates and altogether an already disturbed ongoing digestion.


Considering the factors previously stated above, someone who is depressed would obviously need a fast, which means to abstain from eating, NOT a feast ;) . Our mind and body necessitates all their physical, spiritual, and mental energy to meet all of our difficult and challenging circumstances, and because energy is a requirement of digestion, assimilation, and processing of food, you may actually be adding fuel to the fire by eating  (especially in large portions) when stressed.

Maybe that is why the stories documented in the Bible as well as other religious faiths, encourage fasting. When people in earlier times like David, Paul, and Esther, faced trying times, they retreated to isolation and solitude, and abstained completely from eating.

Surely this method may not solve the issues you’re going through, but it can help your mind focus on fixing what problems you face. In conclusion, abstaining from eating until your major life challenges are resolved is ideal.

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