Super Woman said 2 years, 4 months ago:

A broken heart is something hard to mend
But keep in mind that stars cannot shine without darkness
Loving requires effort and sacrifice
But I regret giving my heart out sometimes
And yet you know that it’s worth it
For love motivates you to not quit.

Their words cut deep like a knife
Deep into your heart and mind
You play the voices again and again
Can’t get them out of your head
Though giving up is not the choice
You’re a child of God not to be toyed.

Remember that time when they vowed
That they wouldn’t leave you feeling down
Although they went back on their word
Without a care that you feel hurt
In the end, regardless, the wounds faded
Due to Him who encouraged you to move on ahead.

Nobody’s life in this world is perfect
One cannot always get what they expect
Though through trials and pain
You will achieve a perfect faith
Through flames and through floods
Yes, you’ll make it, because…

There is a God, a God of love
Never ever will He betray your trust
The LORD will guide you
On the path to good
No matter what you come across
Follow Christ, take up your cross.

And in the end, when His Son will come
In the blink of an eye, all hurt will be gone.