Celestial Cleric said 2 years, 6 months ago:

A last save told me that I’d never be reborn
But, here again, I can see in new found eyes
A world that I’ve seen once before
But at a difference height; in a different hue

My hair color is that of one I once despised
My clothes are too small for the body my organs filled
But, here again, my eyes are my own
Even if my LV and EXP do not show the same

Lines of text that repeat with exception of name and circumstance
Graphics of oceans and mountains that loop endlessly
I can see them, but can’t understand their origin

My home is one I’ve seen but never owned
My family too
Today, I’ll cry for those I’ve never met
Tomorrow, I’ll forget what it meant to be alive

Yet, yesterday, I looked upon the me I am now,
And pitied them for being such a mundane existence

Yet, yesterday, I looked upon the me I am now
And left once I cleared the stage.

Beanz said 2 years, 6 months ago:

that’s amazing Celestial Cleric, that is a really lovely poem and i understand how you’re feeling with this poem. if you ever want to speak to someone you can speak to me, don’t be afraid to message me