Celestial Cleric said 2 years, 6 months ago:

My bile’s burning my inner’s
Baby, can’t you tear it out ?
Your touch like a wounded animal’s bite
Suffocating on primal instincts;
I’m dyed in your translucent color
Like magic ink of liar’s lust
Fading into slate white
I’ve lost proof of your very existence.

You’re never honest with yourself
I hold my tongue even past that
As you introduce ⋵ to her
Another day fades slate white
While you use the smile of another
Your laugh; Your eyes; Your heart
I can see their very hue
Wane like your disposition.

Swallowing primer like a drunkard’s liquor
Your glass is glimmering bright by Dolos light
A spectrum of primaries rings true to this sort of you
Since you’re keen on being No. 1
Even if you rate at ” No. 39 ” naturally

Water Proof; Stain Proof
Rust, Piss, and Sound
The echoes of past regret
Can’t be heard outside a coin lock
But even you can’t shut out
What’s already in

Again today, I can feel that burning within
My outside like that of varnish on old wood
Muriatic Acid; an ode to you
I’ll drink it and stew in it like always
As we meet once more.

You feign the color of ignorance
So that none will see the ways of your prisom
I mirror such a hue
Together, forever until you run dry of paint
I will use your brush
To expose even your Quinary mask.