Why are bronies so hated?


My aunt (whole f*cking family for that matter) thinks that I’m a pedophile and flaming homosexual because I’m a fan of MLP. They seem to think that any guy who would take an interest in ponies has severe mental issues. Why is this?

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Because people are judgmental, and because 4chan didn't do bronies any favors by spreading nasty brony memes.

Ignore what they say. Liking a tv show doesn't mean you have sex with children, and there is nothing wrong with being homosexual. Your family is just a collection of narrow-minded asshats.
Very simple. Firstly, you're a an adult man who has an apparent fascination with a cutesy TV show aimed at 5-10 year old girls. That's weird. People don't like weird. The second thing is that negative stereotypes are incredibly common, especially about bronies. I'm not one myself, but I certainly remember reading an article about an MLP sex doll (one or multiple - not sure). It's far from inconceivable that your family has heard similar horror stories.

In a panicked and paranoid mind, those things rattle. The worries look for an explanation, and find it in the 'sexual deviant' category. This means you are obviously either interested in the ponies (which they might consider but simply banish from their mind), you're interested in the entire colourful, cutesy, sparkly thing - which obviously means you're gay - or, worst of all, you're using it to have a hook in to the intended demographic: 5-10 year old girls. Why would you take an interest in 5 year old girls? Except if.. ohgodno.

Thus ends my brief thought exercise on what could be going on in your family's heads.
Yeah, my activity on /mlp/ was very short lived. There isn't enough *nope* to cover the first time I saw clop.
The world is very judgmental. Ignore it and be who you are. There are more like you all over the world.
I think it's because it's a show created entirely for children so people would wonder why you would still be watching it as an adult or... teenager I suppose. It's a valid query but it is however not okay to assume you're a paedophile because you like a show. It's not okay for people to judge you over it because hell, it's you life and your choice. So don't worry about it. If one of my friends still liked MLP I think I'd be okay with it really. It's sure a bit weird but come on, who cares? If you like it then you like it. Everyone's different and the world should learn to get over it already.
your not a pedo, my boyfriend is a brony and he thinks that all the time. honestly i just think its soo frickin adorable for a guy to like mlp. you couldn't have severe mental issues just for liking a television show. i like watching tmnt and im a girl, you like watching mlp and your a boy, that's totally fine. don't listen to your family, they're just being pricks. Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! - Dr. Seuss
Because a dude fucked a horse and screamed "RAINBOW-DAAASH"
Why do you like that show? I do not understand.
If an adult likes a show made for little kids, there's something wrong there. I've seen people become bronies because they want to belong to something. "Oh man, all those guys are talking about something... if I like that too does that mean they'll talk to me??" I've also seen bronies be very obnoxious "OMG PONIES PONIES I LOVE DRAWING PONIES HATE ME IDC LOL" obviously people aren't hating that brony just because he's a brony- he's annoying. Then there's ones who like it because of some weird sexual thing. *shudders* There's also a bunch of them on tumblr who just try to be really hateful against everyone. I think majority of bronys are just lonely and maybe a little immature? But most people are so shocked by the weird sexual and hateful guys and thats ALL they know/remember.
also, there's this thing (and i don't know if it's a stereotype but i've seen it around a lot) where guys who are bronies are also often mra members, who instead of trying to advocate actual men's rights issues and standing up for transgender men as well as some cis men, get a kick out of trying to make feminists upset.