why am I the bigger person?


I am a bigger person than this situation. I wish the other person would just TRY and understand how I must feel throughout ALL of this. Why don’t they care to just try and understand? Im not going to be someone I am not just because of ONE person. I don’t ignore people. I don’t intentionally hurt people. I am able to see all angles of a situation and I cant just ignore that because one person doesn’t deserve my sympathy. Therefore, I am stuck with getting treated like an idiot and treated like my feelings never mattered. I am annoyed at how someone can be so cold. I know that I will be fine but why cant the other person see where I am coming from…

Category: Tags: asked September 23, 2014

1 Answer

Because not everyone is the same. People see things from different angles, and you're like me, you are able to see them from all angles!