What do you do when someone unintentionally hurts you?


So there’s this guy that I’m totally in love with, and the love is reciprocated, but we don’t call ourselves girlfriend and boyfriend. It’s ust that we’ve never talked about it. Or given much thought about it, at least on my part. Well, until now.
The thing is I’ve very recently done something quite lovey dovey for him and he has completely ignored it. If I were a normal girl, I don’t think I would have minded it, but I’m not. I have got bad experience with things like that, like being ignored and stuff. I’m really trying to change that. I’m big on sharing things like that, I think if I tell him about those little things, it will be easier for him to understand me? rather than him figuring it all out by himself. But right now, I don’t want to add this to his long list of worries, just because I have had some bad experience. I just don’t know what to do. I tried to calm myself down by being alone for a while, which didn’t really work because he just called me and he’s coming over, and he sounded really stressed out. I want to be there for him and comfort him, but I’m not sure I can while battling myself.

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This is a bit late though.If you can't tell him about this, just tell it to anyone whom you trust. Because if you're bothered by it so much, you can't just keep it inside you. It will be hard though to not tell him. Me and my love, we're training ourselves to be open in even the simplest and smallest problems. Because if we don't these problems will build up on each other, and we will eventually burst! So for now, if he has a bigger problem, be there for him and comfort him. Be selfless at the moment. Later on though, you must tell him that.