Should I be hurt by my Friend?


So, I know I have the tendency to get hurt easily so when I do I like to step back, think about it and decide if I really should be hurt of not. But I just don’t know about this one or not.

Last night my friends and I were hanging out. I wasn’t feeling well (I was a little sick) and someone hand just said something that really hurt me (that I decide was okay to be hurt by. She basically told me she hated my piano playing but LOVED my younger sister. And I shouldn’t take her opinion as two grain of salt, she has no musical training. And, I’m actually plain harder songs that my sister for our competing in a few weeks.) so I was just sitting in the corner. Now, usually my friend will hang out with me in the corner. But last night she hung out by herself in a difference corner.
Now, when she is feeling down, even if I am, but she was down first, or is more down, I’ll try and find out what is wrong with her. I’ll put myself aside and try and talk to her. But she didn’t do that with me.
I don’t know if she was upset, or if she is going through something, but her basally ignoring me all night, and then not even noticing when I left or asked me latter where I went to hurt me.

Maybe i’m being overly sensitive but I fell like she is putting herself first ALL the time. Just for ones I’d like to be asked what was wrong. Is that to much to ask for? And now my hurt is turning into anger and I really don’t want that. . . .

Sorry If I rambled or didn’t make much since . . . if your unclear on something ask me and i’ll do my best to clear it up.

Also, a few other things.
I am in INFJ
I am a feeler (I can feel others feelings.)
My friend is a thinker (she can not feel others feelings.)
My friend is an ENTP.

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2 Answers

Defo, Defo, speak about it. Trust me, after spending high school in an intensely complex friendship group,I know it's better to get it out and talk about it. You'll probably find out that A) she has something going on B) she didn't realise she was doing it C) shes venting problems she has with you that she hasn't talked about D) something else or E) shes just not a healthy friend to have around. Its scary talking to your friends like this, but it is infinitely better than the alternative.
You should feel hurt! Because she DID hurt your feelings! I can totally relate to this situation, and honestly I feel like you should talk to her about it, tell her EXACTLY how you feel about the situation, and that she should have apologized and that she should be there for you as a friend when you need her. Otherwise, I am afraid that you keeping up with this friendship will only exhaust you.