I like my best friend who has a girlfriend..


So in May of this year, somehow a guy found my Instagram and asked for my kik. I gave it to him and he told me I was cute and pretty and wouldn’t let me deny it. I didn’t really think he was attractive and I didn’t know him so I wasn’t into him.

But ever since an incident I had with another guy three months ago, we’ve been texting almost every day and we’re super close. We’ve told eachother that were best friends and we talk about meeting up all the time (he’s only a state over).

So he has a girlfriend and up until lately, I’ve been happy for him. But in the last month, my feelings have really grown for him and now I really really like him and I don’t know what to do. He said he likes talking to me and he always tells me I’m pretty and he always says he loves me before going to bed. But he loves his girlfriend (obviously).

What do I do? Or how can I stop liking him?

Tags: asked December 2, 2014

2 Answers

Well, seeing how you two have only talked via text, I'd wait. It's only natural to feel attracted to someone who gives you so much attention over time, especially when you can't determine whether or not you like his bodylanguage, tone, etc.. I thought I had a huuge crush on a buddy of mine, but when we finally met two years later there was absolutely nothing there. No spark, no lust, no love (in that sense). But if you feel like this is the real deal, tell him. Honesty is a good thing.
I would be honest with him and tell him your feelings. You two are really close, so I would suggest being vulnerable and telling him how you feel. After you tell him, he will have to make a decision. Who knows what may happen.