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me & my ex split up over 1 1/2 yrs ago because he had to switch schools. We would talk a few times every month & then it became once a month & then it was every few months but I never got over him. Recently we’ve been talking more & he told me he misses me & asked if its weird that he wanted to kiss me. We made plans to hang out & I was going to let him stay the night. The night he was going to come over he stopped answering his phone. Its been 4 days & silence. what should I do?

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That's a toughy. If it's been that long and you still have feelings maybe it's faith. If you don't feel comfortable about the feeling, you should try to find something else that interest you. Long Distance relationships are difficult but it's do-able. Again, try to get your mind off by doing something else. Especially if you're young, you have so much to explore. And sometimes it's hard to believe if he's really feeling the same. Good Luck!
Well, I would at least give him the benefit of the doubt and try to find out if he got sick, or stranded. You wouldn't want to get pissed at him for blowing you off, only to find out he's been in the hospital all night. But, if it turns out he's fine then you SHOULD be pissed! Usually when guys materialize after not being around, its because they're looking for some action, and they tend to go back to someone who's been available to them in the past. I've seen it a hundred times! As soon as they get a bit of attention from another girl, they disappear again. So unless he's lying in a hospital bed somewhere, that would be my guess in that type of situation. Try to find out what his deal is, and if he really did blow you off, then I wouldn't waste any more time talking to him.Good luck!
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