So a “friend” of mine recently convinced me to sign up for a video game tournament our school store where works. It was a game that I haven’t played in months and he just kept bothering me to join the tournament, so today I did. At the store they let us practice for the tournament against other players. I meet my friend there and decide to go against him like in the good old times. He completely destroys me. I mean like, it wasn’t even close. After that, I watch a few more matches then it’s time to go. Once I get home I message him “When is the tournament?” to which he responds next week. As of just a few minutes ago I was practicing against computer characters and if anything I’ve been doing worse. Which means come next week I’ll still suck. I ask him if I could get a refund. He says no, all purchases in the store are final. So I ask him if he can take me off the bracket for the tournament. Then he tries convincing me to stay in, telling me I’m good, that I have a chance. I know I suck, so I keep telling him to just take me off the bracket. He hasn’t responded yet, so I doubt he’s going to take me off. I just feel betrayed like he convinced me telling me that I’m good, that it’ll be easy, then he destroys me when we play, and now he can’t take me out. I don’t know what to do. Help?

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2 Answers

Unless there's some context that I'm missing, it doesn't sound like your friend meant to betray you. Even if you feel betrayed, it sounds like he just wanted to play video games with you. He just isn't taking into account how bad it feels to lose.

My advice would be- don't worry so much about it. You don't have to win, or even advance far in the tournament to have fun with it. Also- if you don't go to the tournament, you never know if he's right about you being good. Your friend might just be exceptionally good, and you'll never know unless you're up against a different opponent.
when i read "betrayal" and "bad friends" i thought it'll be something similar to My kind of betrayal (the kind that leaves you isolated for 2 years in high school) need to understand that is is not considered betrayal as he obviously does not intend to make you lose but wants to play in the tournament with you.

I say you should let him read this question, he doesn't seem to understand that you're feeling bad about losing so you should be straightforward and you shouldn't back down. tell him nothing he says will work on you.