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    Seagoat posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    my birthday on Sunday, went shopping with my sister and got jumped? I’m not even sure how to write this;;;; im just really;; fucked up… there was 3 and then 5 and then 10 or more people gathered around me and they just started hitting, my knees are scrapped i think i was thrown ??, I’ve was clawed, my head was smashed or something i don’t even know what happened theirs just a massive lump…. someone smashed hot water or something on my face so im burnt on one side?? my sister got backed into a wall, couple people started smashing her and she like… so small…. I had to run over and pull them off but like….. there were so many people and i couldnt….. my bodies so sore…. my heads aching i can barley stand, my sisters was dragged by her hair she can barley move her neck??? they stole 2 phones…. sis bought a new iphone7 and they snatched it, went for the bag i was holding, grabbed my samsung…. im just…. im shaking we shop their all the time?? im just glad we weren’t… fucking killed….. ((sorry for swearing i just i feel really sick i want to throw up ))

    • What? Where did this happen?

    • like, a few hours ago by now ? its hard to say

    • the police took someone into tho i think? a really nice lady help us out and made a statement but other than that we have no idea whats going on im just.. shaken ?

    • I’m so sorry this happened to you @seagoatsyntax, you will recover and the people who did this to you will be caught, try your best to be strong, we are all here to support you (hugs)

    • Yeah, I mean it sure sounds strange. Sorry to hear about the loss of your mobile phone. Hope you have a nice day.

    • thanks for the support @Oliver @skimrish !! the only thing hurting now is my pride lol ….. im just shattered because, they just didnt stop, even when the police rolled up they kept threatening us until most of them took off… I never expected something like this to happen to us?? … u hear about it happening but i never expected…. its just super shitty my sister only lost her phone that we waited in store for 2 HOURS to get and shes been without one for like a month and now its gone and she still might have to pay it off…. im glad they didn’t steal anything else tho, we were carrying quite a bit of money…. im just.. i know this probably sounds fake but it is honestly unbelievable… im still trying to wrap my head around it…