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    sarah posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    just a reminder!
    I travelled through the clouds of my dreams and wishes.
    I got older with every cloud I didn’t pursue.
    I was 30, 50,80,100, and now I am no more.
    I turned into dust and particles that only appear in the sunlight.
    so this is what I am now? just something people flick off their shoulders?
    all my personality, emotions, stages of my life, and all my efforts just disappear with me.
    suddenly the white, fluffy clouds that hold my dearest dreams, one by one turns dark and start dying.
    I can hear them suffering… ”STOP IT” I yelled ”ANYTHING BUT THEM PLEASE”
    but now matter how much or how loud I begged, they didn’t stop disappearing.
    soon enough I was alone. just a dust in a black, empty room.
    I kept repeating ”what have I done? what have I done?”
    but I knew the reason for it all.
    ”why didn’t I follow my dreams, stupid me!”
    now, there is nothing left to disappoint.

    Mood : Sick
    • Please don’t feel down or upset @sassysarah2054, you are such a special person Sarah who deserves to be surrounded by love, hope and happiness, hold your head up high and know that you are truly amazing inside and out, things will be OK and everything will work out for you, you will beat all your struggles and come out so much stronger, believe in yourself and keep going forward with confidence, you can do it, don’t ever give up, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, feel free to inbox me anytime, you will never be alone :) (hugs)

    • @sassysarah2054 Nice one :)