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    Arkindaheart posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Can someone PLEASE help me through my english speaking? I’m currently reviewing for IELTS. we can chat through skype.

    • Hello, i could help you but i don’t have skype, the account where we used to chat it’s all bugged and i don’t like that one either… But you have a hangouts account?? Or we could try to use some 3rd party website? I would prefer hangouts cause i have a google account… And again hey, sorry for not replying to you in all this time, i’m glad you came back, and as i told you, i will get rid of the skype account where we met for the reasons i told you on the PM, and i haven’t made a new skype account, so… You have hangouts? By the way, mention me @sarahlumapac so i can know you replied to me and get a notification of it :)

      Again, i’m glad you’re back!

    • If you still need help @sarahlumapac I am here. PM me your skype if you want to talk about it.

    • I can try to help @sarahlumapac, message me and I’ll do my best for you, I have Skype and Gmail :) (hugs)