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    laven posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    If you figure it, you will see the most important thing that’s happening in your life right now is, that you are alive. Nothing else. Not that stocks have gone up today, that’s not the most important thing, not your love affair, not this and that. If you don’t understand what I am saying. Suppose tomorrow (now I am not wishing that you must lose) but suppose tomorrow you lost half of your money and your feeling depressed and you mind says I want to die. Close your mouth, Hold your nose like this for 2 minutes. Your body says, to hell with your money I want to live. Tomorrow you found your love affair collapsed and your mind says I want to die. Check. The life within you says to hell with your love affair I want to live. Every time you feel a little suicidal or depressed just check. The life within you says, to hell with all these things I want to live. The most important things that is happening to you right now is life itself, not the fancy thoughts you have, not the emotions that you have, not financial arrangements or family arrangements or whatever rubbish you have built around you. These are all accessories to life. These are all frills. Frills are so much you are missing the skirt, that’s the whole problem with you. So much frill. Fundamental thing you have forgotten. This is the most important thing. Life means what’s throbbing here, not even your body, not your mind, not your thought, not your emotion. What is right now throbbing here, this is life. Because this is on, everything else seems to be meaningful. If this one stops, nothing around you means any damn thing to you or to anybody.