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    Theodore posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Question for those with anxiety problems: I’ve liked someone for about a year who seems to suffer from some social anxiety issues. Telling when someone is interested romantically can be difficult, but it makes it more difficult when said person is nervous so often, on top of it being between two guys. I’ve noticed things I have done before that are contrary to the ”usual cues” people give because of fear, such as running away from/blatantly avoiding crushes instead of pursuing them. An example that I think may be a nervous habit of this guy I’m interested in is avoiding eye contact when I’d really expect him to be looking at me more. He does a lot of different things that lead me to believe he has feelings for me, but shyness and anxiety over complicates everything. I’m certain this person enjoys talking to me because he’ll approach me and stick around for longer than he needs to, he just seems very inconsistent with signals and is proving hard to read. I did notice he is different around me than with most other guys, he’s kinda awkward and sometimes stutters/slurs words a little when we start talking, but gets animated and happier when we talk for a bit. When we first met, whenever I asked him a question he would stutter a lot and have a hard time responding which really only seemed like something with me. I haven’t seen/heard of any dating history from him, but he very well could be ”closeted” and may be nervous about having any kind of feelings for me. Do you have any/know anyone who has unusual responses to people they like? I want to understand him better and maybe figure out what I could do to make him feel more comfortable, because I think there’s something there.

    • I would keep talking to him, get to know him as much as you can and see what happens @princepossum, hopefully this guy will become more open and comfortable with you as time goes on and you will continue to bond with each other Theodore, stay positive and know you deserve a relationship with someone special, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • Honestly my advice is text him. I have anxiety and is VERY hard to speak to people, specially when I started dating (rip my boyfriend’s patience..) . And I texted him saying how I felt! So maybe try to start a casual conversation and ask small questions and see how he responds. If he responds positivly try to ask him in the nicest way possible if he has feelings for you

    • @oliver thanks, I def need to keep getting to know him better, I’m being extra careful not to rush anything because I don’t want to scare him off. @marikofujimoto He did randomly message me on facebook before, I’m gonna ask him about going to a movie to hang out next friday and if he agrees then I’ll get his number and maybe he’ll open up a little. :) Thanks for the ideas