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    Postive Vibes posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    Guys i need some advice so basically this is around a year ago or so my mom said that someone called our landline saying they have pics of me and my boyfriend. The thing is she was there when that phonecall came but 1.5 years down the line nothing has happened but mom always makes me feel guilty about it but i think she is lying cause she may have either seen pics and videos of my bf at the park on my laptop or something as when i asked my bf there was no one that obvious there taking pics plus its a massive park. The reason why i believe she is lying is cause she did that with my brother too my brother had a fight and an uncle told her and she said the police called us when they didn’t to scare him. But, knowing this matter i keep thinking about it no matter how much i try to forget it i can’t. How do i get the truth of her. It wasn’t even anything bad it was just that we were hugging and kissing and she makes me feel guilty everytime by taunting me. Guys please give me ur thoughts and opinions.

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    • @positivity-vibes I think the best result would be to purposely act as you don’t care/register when your mother mentions this lie. People who deal with gaslighting have interesting results when they don’t have an apparent emotional reaction to being poked at, and they observe how the gaslighter reacts. It doesn’t solve the anxiety, but what comes out next from your mom might be insighful on whether there’s a real reason to be worried about a random stranger taking photos of you.

    • Your mother really should be happy and proud that you are in a loving relationship @positivity-vibes, don’t let her threats, lies and blackmail get you down, focus on making each day stronger with your boyfriend and keep going, you can do it, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, you are never alone (hugs)