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    Jozy posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I hate myself because I’m so dumb :( I’m so slow at understanding something. Lately, transitioning to university has been a real pain due to the fact that I’m so slow at understanding everything. Everyone around me seems to fully understand what the staff or professors or doctors are saying with ease. When I asked a question to one of the school administration staff about turning in necessary requirements/documents before starting the school year, they just told me, ”Look online, go there, it’s easy” for the information. I asked if I can have an advisor to talk to regarding important information while I’m online so I can fully understand the info and having an advisor guide me through it since websites can be confusing to navigate without proper directions. They said, ”We can’t just hold your hands at everything you do. It’s easy, it’s online, all the directions are there, I can do it, even people that are younger than you can do it. It’s simple, don’t worry. We have other people to help. We are busy.” I was so embarrassed that I just sadly sat back down and tried to sort through my papers myself…..Fortunately, another administration staff member helped me out, step by step and was there for me every step of the way. Why can’t I just get it? :(

    • Please don’t feel down @pandagirl96, the school administrators really should help and support you if you are finding things difficult Jozy, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, I’m sure everything will get easier as time goes on, smile and keep going forward with confidence, you can do it, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • @pandagirl96 you’re not slow. Every single freshman feels that way , they just hide it. Trust me, we all feel dumb there. In your second year you’ll feel more at ”home”.
      If you truly feel like you’re struggling you can do some things to help though. You can study extra, like.. take photocopies, do notes of what you learn in class, buy those neon underliner markers and underline the important stuff .

    • @pandgirl96 I have the same problem quite often. Administrative staff and professors at college can be real douchebags if they want to. What I’ve learned after year one:
      1. Some professors are simply jerks, they treat everyone that way. They see so many students asking questions that they won’t remember you asking, either, so no need to worry about them being annoyed at you later. They most likely will have forgotten in only a few days (especially in lectures with 200+ people.)
      2. It is ABSOLUTELY OK to ask for help with understanding things! You just need to go to the right people. What they tell us here is for every hour of lecture, spend atleast 2 studying. Depending on what classes you’re taking, it can be true. So if I have a 1 hour lecture 3x a week, that’s 6 hours for one class, plus the homework they assign. Other classes will need more, but it’s a big time commitment to learn material well. Look for professors with office hours, student connections, and tutors to help you. Professors will often be more approachable if they see you at office hours/see your efforts to learn and understand material.
      3. No one understands everything. Freshen often are frazzled and pulling their hair out after the first test because it’s more challenging than anticipated. If you get a few bad grades to start, DON’T WORRY! Part of college is learning how to study, once you know what professors expect of you, it gives you guidance to study. This is almost always a learned skill, not something automatic, so everyone needs to learn it.
      4. I find this helpful for checking things online like class syllabi and answer keys; use the ”search” button (ctrl + f) when trying to find something with a keyword. So if you want to know what the grade breakdown for quizzes in a class is on a 10 page pdf, start by searching ”quizzes” and it’ll help you find it real quick.
      5. If someone says ”it’s easy” it just means they know how to do it. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy so don’t feel bad. This especially pertains to professors who know something well because they have been teaching about it for years, or confusing documents that people see every day so they forget they are confusing.
      Best of luck, it will get better!