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    Jozy posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    ”Somewhere there’s a place where I find who I’m gonna be
    A somewhere that’s just waiting to be found.”
    -La La Land

    Mood : Worried
    • And it could be just around the corner. That movie was just okay – in the end it seemed to be about lost opportunities, when it should have ben about celebrating what was, and what was accomplished. You got this – just keep looking until you find it. It took U2 a while t find what they were looking for…

    • You will find a place and direction in life where you feel totally happy and comfortable @pandagirl96, try to stay positive and hold your head up high Jozy, the journey ahead will be filled with hope and brightness for you, go forward with a sense of confidence and don’t let anything stand in your way, you can do it, believe in yourself and never give up Jozy, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • @tanisha I sure hope so…I really do. Confused in life so far, and I somewhat had the same reaction to the movie. The movie was good to me mostly in the dialogue of the whole ”failing to make it in life part” since I related to the characters in the fact that dreams are so hard to fulfill in life, but that it ”might” be possible somehow if certain things in life changed. In the end I kind of was happy they weren’t together, because then it showed them what could be possible without each other? I agree with you in that it should be about celebrating what they accomplished in their lives/how far they have come with their dreams, but I’d just like to think as humans we tend to look back at things in our life that didn’t come true as a means to see how far we’ve come and if we like where we stand? I have no idea if Im making sense, but thank you for the support :) and I do hope I find it. takes time *sigh*

    • @Oli i hope so. Feeling shifts of moods of happy and then just miserable because direction in life is still waivering. Ill try…

    • Dreams are often hard to fulfill, and often when we get there, they aren’t what we thought they were. Too often we look at someone else and wish what they had without realizing the sacrifices they made to get there, nor the fact that we are different and it really wouldn’t work for us the way it works for them.

      Focus on you, on your strengths. What inspires you? What, when you do it, makes you happy? Do others say you are good at something? Pursue those things. Life is an adventure meant to be lived, to be explored. You really can’t do it wrong if you go in to experience. If something is crap, leave it and move on – you have learned from that experience, and that is the good you take from it.

    • @tanisha True definitely we never know if our goals are actually worth it towards the end for sure, and I agree everyone is different towards how they got to their dreams of their life in their own ways. My strengths? See, that’s where Im so down. I think so low of myself that I don’t think highly at all of myself with regards to me being strong. What inspires me is watching film, the acting behind it and the story intrigues me. Along with that, what makes me happy is watching others play a part in a film or creating their own independent film, cooking for experiments, and reading good books. The things ive heard people say about me is that Im good at ’being there for someone’ (that was from my long ago friend who doesnt rly speak to me now, she has other friends she regularly is closer and already connected to), good at following directions on paper, good at following through trying to get good grades (perfectionist since I was young +pleasing parents), and thats about it thats all i can think of sadly. Other classmates just stated, ”Have a great summer! You’re nice!” or ”you’re smart” or ”thanks for helping me with the class assignment or hw!” . Beyond that tho, I havent had any close friends to say other things. True, life is an adventure to go through in our own way. I guess…Im so scared of the inevitable. The failure, rejection,mistake, looking like a fool…going after my dreams and realizing all of it was put to waste…but most of all i think it’s disappointing my parents and not making enough money to support them +myself. :(

    • Everyone has self-doubts. the person sitting next to you on the bus, just the same as you at some point. Sounds like you should explore areas in film or writing. There is a creative part of you there. Maybe simply becoming a film critic – start a film critic blog – make it funny and personal – make it you. Just a thought.