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    Oli posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    I feel so alone, depressed and sad, I’m trying my best to be positive but no matter how hard I try nothing ever seems to work out for me, I want to crawl into a ball and disappear, what is my purpose on this earth?, I can’t seem to enjoy anything, all I see for my future is more loneliness, darkness and pain, Oli you are a failure and will probably achieve nothing great in life, I don’t know if it will get better for me, I’ve been going on a downward spiral for such a long time now, I’m so sorry everyone, I hate being me :(

    Mood : Sad
    • Oli… You’re one of the most compassionate, kind, and warmhearted people I’ve ever known in life. You do not deserve to be in so much pain, and I’m sorry that you feel down in the dumps… I’m here if you need someone to talk to, please stay strong. You’re not alone… We are here for you

    • @oliver I agree with @strideintomyoffice , you’re seriously the best person on this website. You’re so kind and sweet to everyone, you always help without questions asks. To many people here you are a friend, family and even a hero. So remember that ok? We love you alot and want the best for you. And if you need to vent you can talk to us! it’s perfectly fine to sometimes feel sad, sadly life isn’t always nice to us. But I believe you’ll have an awesome life , after all if there is someone who deserves it is you :)

    • You’re one of the best people I know trust me! It’s always the great, selfless people in life that doesn’t see their beauty and greatness. You’re so amazing. I hope one day I can find a physical best friend (even husband!) like you. You’re the epitome of amazing. Seriously @oliver if it wasn’t for you and @marikofujimoto I probably would’ve had to end up in a psych ward. The both of you guys encouraging, uplifting words is inspiring. I know that while you’re typing away great things, your reality may be a bit muddy. Just know that life will give you the life you deserve and more soon. Talk to me privately if you like. There are people who loves you and will help you!

    • Oli, you’re an amazing guy, you’ve always commented on my updates and you’ve helped me so much with a lot of different things I’ve gone through. You’re not worthless, you have people who love you and care about you. Everything is going to be ok, just keep fighting through this, keep your hear held high. Smile, even if it’s faking, look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself all the things you want to believe. Maybe say, ”I’m kind, I love myself, and I’m going to be okay.” It’s going to seem like you’re lying to yourself , but eventually, after doing that every day for a while, you will start to realize that it’s true. Stay strong and safe.