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    Oli posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    I’m sorry for all the sad posts everyone, I just feel like everything is so bleak and hopeless for me, would it be better for me to disappear?, is there any future worth fighting for?, I don’t know, I sincerely doubt that anything good will ever take place in my life, I’m a lost cause and a waste of space, I need a way out of this darkness, I am doomed to always fail, I’m not a strong person at all, you are weak Oli, I am absolutely pathetic for someone in their mid 20s, my worst enemy is myself, I have no idea what to do or where to turn :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • pick up a new hobby/try something new, who knows you might find something you really like doing :)

    • Oli, you know you can talk to me or a lot of others here if you need to get something off your shoulders. You’re not hopeless and the future can be bright especially for someone as sweet as you. Just please do reach out for help especially professional help near you. You put the effort into trying to make others feel better, I hope that you treat yourself in the same light. You deserve it.

    • Don’t lose hope Oli and never give up. That’s the worst thing a person can do. You’re one of the most active and nicest people in this site and you always have kind words for everybody and you offerto help them in their issues. It’s ok to feel down sometimes, that happens to everybody. Maybe take some time off, meditate, go for a walk to clear your mind a little, but don’t give up. I’m here for you, keep your head up.

    • @oliver Nooo oli, you’re absolutely the best person is this site. I really don’t know what we all would do without you. Reach out to us, we’re all here for you

    • @Oliver, you’re not doomed. You’re awesome and you’re loved by everyone on this forum. You’re not a waste of space at all. Try to view things not as working for a future, but playing a role in life. You’re a wonderful person and you help us all so much. You make so many people feel better! That’s what counts.
      Try to look at what you’ve given the world! You’ve given support, love, friendship, a listening ear, a hand. That’s why people love you.
      My inbox is always open if you want to talk about things further. Try to focus on things you like, otherwise life will seem bitter even more. I don’t know much about your hobbies, so please forgive me if I make a mistake here.
      Maybe a book will help, eating something delicious, wearing special clothes that you like, listening to pleasant music, going for a walk, talking with a good friend (even here on BT), writing down your feelings… Don’t keep your feelings inside. It’ll make things worse.
      I’m always here for you! Please message me. You’re great!

    • Hey man!
      I can understand what you’re going through. I often have bouts of feeling nothing and everything, all at once. It makes a human feel empty, and alone. Almost like a complete waste of life. But don’t fret! I cannot cure your mood, but I can help you to feel at least a bit better. If you find something you care about you can use that to channel your bottomless energy of sorrow into something beautiful (or even profitable, if you’re lucky). You could make music, you could dance. You could cook or make some new software. You could literally just criticize the wonderfulness that is ”The Flash!” If you want to talk and gather your feelings, I’m here for you bro. That’ll probably help, too. I hope your day gets a little brighter. Have a wonderful night.

      Much love, Max.

    • You always try to cheer me and I’m sure other people on this site! You’re easily one of the most irreplaceable people I know! Talk to me if you need help or anything! *hugs*

    • i know how you feel Oli, you’re not a waste of space and you have always given me some of the best advice. I’m here for you and you need to know that. Keep holding on!

      xx sasha

    • @Oliver you have no reason to be sorry at all. It is good to vent and a sign of strength to reach out for support when feeling so low. Your feelings and wellbeing matters greatly in fact your health really is the.most important thing in your life. You are a wonderful person my friend and such a kind hearted soul.
      You are so much more than you think you are and I believe that when you start being able to see what an amazing person you are that things can get better for you. Because when you are able to see your strengths it is souh easier to be kinder towards yourself.
      You are loved Oli and very much appreciated.