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    Oli posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    The future is filled with so much sadness, loneliness and depression for me, I don’t feel happy and I never will, everything is so uncertain and I’m scared of where I will end up, what’s the point of trying?, everything looks so dark and bleak, why am I here?, what is my purpose?, I’m sorry for being annoying and stupid, I don’t care about myself, there is so much doom ahead for me, it doesn’t matter how hard I try. :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • hey dude, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel… we just don’t know how long it is. keep trying buddy i’m sure everything will pay off in the end, i believe in you :)

    • @yamoros12 agreed! @oliver you know how you send positivity to everyone and you make them believe in themselves to keep going? Now it’s time to follow your own advice ok? You can do this oli, it’s very hard and it hurts I’m sure, but you can do it! I believe in you

    • Everything will be okay.

    • ily hella dude

    • You’ve made a lot of people feel better on here, including myself. The world needs you, Oli. You deserve to be happy.

    • Hey man you’re a great person you’ve helped me along my problems and as i am a survivor you are too so stay strong and stay surviving you’re awesome <3

    • @oliver I know life can feel like a black hole sometimes, but there are some good things out there. Try to find things that make you happy. We’re all here for you, like you’re always here for us. Stay strong

    • Please remember that we’re all here for you. My internet is back and so is my inbox. If anything, please send me a message. You’re not annoying and stupid. You’re a smart, great and fabulous friend. And you’re never alone. You have all of us. I want you to smile. I think our purpose is to help each other.
      Feel free to send me a message, Oli. -hugs-

    • Even from just quickly looking at your profile, I can tell how many people you’ve helped and will help and you should feel AWESOME for it, because YOU ARE AWESOME, don’t ever let anything get you down. I’m here if you need to talk.