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    Oli posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    I don’t feel as if I should be on Blah, I do my best to help but some people think it’s OK to single me out, honestly I feel so horrible after trying to help someone and they tell me to go away and never contact them again, all I want is for others to be happy, I came here to help, care for and to support others, not to be hated, makes me feel as if I’m back in secondary school where people disliked me for absolutely no good reason, life is just so depressing for me generally, this community is/was one of the things keeping me going, but I’m not quite sure anymore, I don’t know, I’m torn, I want to stay to help others but I want to leave at the same time because I feel as if I’m not helping anyone, I’m just being an annoying nuisance to the community, please understand that I do what I do on Blah with good intentions, but some can’t, which is sad, I want to give up because nothing seems to ever work out for me, I’m sorry for being so stupid :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • I believe you help more people than you don’t. Everybody on this site can be guaranteed that they will get a kind word from you that can sometimes make their days a bit better. As for those who don’t want you to talk to them, just stop and you will make them happy also, in a way. There will always be people here that love you for who you are so there’s no point in leaving this community. It won’t be the same without you. Chin up Oli!

    • Hey! @oliver! You stop that!

      There are literally hundreds of people who have filtered through BlahTherapy who have thanked you for brightening their day with your kind words. Don’t you dare let one bitter jerk scare you away from the good work you do on BT.