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    mariko posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Also I just realised the perfect job for myself until june (when I apply for uni again): a job in a bookstore! I spent all my life in bookstores and around books! All I need to learn is how to work with the money cash machine. Right now I’m working on my curriculum and I’m going to also make a letter to promote myself. Guys I’m determinated to get this job! I’m apply in all bookstores around me!

    • Do apply for the job @marikofujimoto, I’m sure you will fit in amazingly working at a bookstore, follow your dreams and pursue your passions sweetie, I wish you all the best Mariko :) <3 (hugs)

    • I love bookstores and even considered working at one since I have always been an avid reader – I’m not reading much anymore tho because I’ve been busy lately with work/uni). I really hope you can get this job and do what you love. Good luck! By the way, do you have any book you love worth sharing? xx

    • @oliver thank you so much! If you have any advice for this please feel free to say :D

    • @hope15 thank you so much I really want this job :)
      About books I haven’t read much lately (actual literature I mean). What I’ve been reading is the LOTR trilogy in english, since my mother tongue is portuguese. Is being interesting seeing this type of english

    • @marikofujimoto I truly hope you get a job at one of those bookstores. I would love to work in one myself as I find them to be therapeutic and relaxing things that I honestly feel that you need in your life right now. You have such a optimistic, determined mind so I know you will exceed. Keep it up dear :)

    • Aw I hope you get a job there it sounds like it would be great!

    • My mother tongue is Portuguese too, but I am from Brazil. I’ve never read the LOTR trilogy nor have I seen the movies, so I might give it a try someday. I love classic literature, Jane Austen is one of my favorites, but I will read anything you give to me. It is such a pleasure!

    • @hope15 oh lovely to see a brazilian person! Here we consider you guys like family :)
      And you should give it a try if you like fantasy and amazing characters

    • @invincible thank you so much! I’ll try my best :D