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    Alexandria posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    I knew this girl for six years. We never lost contact with each other within those six years. Having known her for so long, and having confided in her with my secrets before, I decided to give her the password to one of my game accounts that I no longer used; however, I had sacred memories and many of my works preserved on there, and she deleted all of it, and deleted me and blocked me. She and I never fought. I never stabbed her in the back. The worst thing I can recall doing is goofing around with her ex a few years ago for a day or two. He was hitting on me while I was joking around. But when he asked me out, I said no, because I don’t want to hurt her, so I was never really sure if I would call this an act of betrayal. Keeping this from her has probably been the worst thing that I’d ever done to her. Otherwise, I can’t really recall ever having stabbed her in the back. I asked her boyfriend to please try to talk to her for me, and he said that he would relay the message, but that the reason wasn’t because someone told her something. The only other possible explanation I have is if she saw something in my albums on there that I forgot to delete. I’m not sure what it could have been. However, on the other hand, I spoke to someone who was also close friends with her too. He said the same thing–that she deleted him and blocked him out of the blue even when everything seemed fine. They were talking, texting, and calling each other, and she consoled him whenever he was sad, just like she did me. She never gave him an explanation either. My main theory is that she just wanted to move on from me, but her deleting all of my stuff seems a bit audacious for that, which is why I’m so desperate for an answer. I’ve already sent her boyfriend a few messages. He hasn’t blocked me, but he hasn’t replied to any after my first message either. How can I become content with the fact that one of the very few people in my life who I trusted with virtually everything betrayed me without an explanation and disappeared on me?

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    • I would try to get a clear answer from this girl @jennyburer, hopefully she will be honest and open with you Alexandria, it’s really up to her if she decides to answer you so things can be made better, try to not worry too much, I’m always here if you need to talk, feel free to inbox me anytime :) (hugs)

    • Getting a clear answer from her would be amazing, but she keeps blocking me, and I don’t know how much I should really press on. Her boyfriend, who seems to be practically the only person she ever talks to, although having to seemingly ignored my messages, has not blocked me. Some part of me wants to just keep sending messages to see if I can strike a chord with him. She treated him the same way at some point–blocking him and disappearing repeatedly, so I thought that he would know how it feels like, but he seems to be keeping mum.

    • Interesting O_O
      Well Alexandria @jennyburer, If I may inquire… with what intent exactly are you approaching this scenario?
      Are you worried about the health of your friend?
      Are you saddened by the ’betrayal’ and want ’justification’ for it?
      Are you curious about the mysterious behaviour of your friend?
      Or something else… what is your primary intention with which you are approaching to resolve or better understand the situation exactly? And what is the ’end’ you desire from all this? (does the question make sense?)

    • @SigmaSuccour
      I want to know if she hates me, because, like I said, I trusted her with a lot, so I’m a little bit on edge when it comes to the idea of her hating me. If I know that this wasn’t an act of vindictiveness, I feel like I can stop worrying.

    • @jennyburer
      I feel you. I suggest you put this aside and not focus upon it much, if she wishes to tell you about it herself. Good.
      But if she doesn’t… then don’t let this affect your life and your goals.
      // I trusted her with a lot//
      > Then trust her still… have trust in her that whatever she has done, she must have done so with the reasons that she thought were right.
      So if you truly trust her… then there is problem.

    • @jennyburer I think a good answer for all your doubts should be ”Because she is the person who would do this”, it’s an answer that will let you try to move on and stop contacting people in her circle about it. You will not get an apology, just maybe eventually a scolding about you deserving it, probably after you stop looking for her as a way to reel you back in. I suggest you start doing the blocking now.

    • @Oli @SigmaSuccour @rinseandrep Thank you all. I’ve decided that I’m moving on. She’s a closed chapter to me now.