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    Alexandria posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Last Thursday, I said goodbye to a guy after profusely apologizing to him for ”snooping.” He said he would need months to get over it. The only thing that keeps me from believing that he isn’t just bullshitting me is because I just desperately want to believe his shitty explanations. Otherwise, he wasn’t really a bad boyfriend. He was really sweet most days. He wasn’t abusive in any way. That’s why I still contemplate about getting back together in the future when he might be ”over it.” But even now, he still looks like a cheater, and I could give you a few reasons why. But there was this one girl who was infatuated with him and would claim that she’s in a relationship with him. He said that he kept telling her he wasn’t interested, but he still proceeded to hang out with her, even though she made it look like they were together. I believed him though. Now, I’m wondering if I should ask her questions and test whether or not he was lying to me about showing his disinterest in her. Knowing this may help me decide whether or not I should move on completely. She hates him now, though, and I’m skeptical as to whether or not she would keep my conversation with her confidential. If she doesn’t, then the chances of him and I getting back together are completely down the drain.

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    • To give some background info, I found out that he was still logging onto his dating profile (I did not meet him on there), and I asked him questions on a second account on a chat program, and he said that he was single but that he wasn’t looking or taking anyone. However, he also said that he didn’t have someone special to him and he invited me (as I was disguised) to send him nudes, though he said he wouldn’t be giving me any nudes, ”at least not the second you meet [him].” When I asked him about this, he said he didn’t have anyone special to him because he didn’t want anyone to try to break him and me up. And when I asked him about his OkCupid, he said he only logs on to see if it gets taken down or spammed. He said that the profile is full of gibberish, but when I looked at it, almost all of it seemed to be consistent with who he really is.

    • if i were you i’d think needing months to get over an issue would seem a bit dodgy (in my experience i didn’t really need months to resolve major issues with friends). if having serious and honest talks don’t work with them then yeah go detective mode, though try to be conspicuous about it… just my two cents – i’m praying for the best :)

    • Sounds proof enough that you are better off without him @jennyburer

    • I would try to work out your feelings and decide if he is truly the person for you @jennyburer, you deserve someone who will not mess you around or cheat on you, hopefully everything will work out and you will be happy going forward, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, message me anytime, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)