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    Sandman posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    I saw this guy giving a sermon to women on dating men on facebook, just a piece that was shown. He talks about how the reason the majority of guys dont go up to women is because they are waiting for the right moment, and the ones that do approach women, are simply loud and players and the rest are simply too fearful. Um.. NO, shit for brains. men who wait for the right moment are waiting for life to magically give them a moment to go in for the kill and more than half the time, it never comes. Being a man and taking charge of your life, leading the direction of where you want to go and breaking through barriers, challenging yourself is all about what it is to be a masculine man. Meaning, you don’t wait for life to give you the right moment, you create the moment. the reason men dont make the move and wait for the right moment is because they think it’s wrong or creepy to hit on a girl in the street or you’ll say something dumb, she’ll get offended etc. To put it simply, they are fearful. To overcome the fear, you need to face the fear. And just because a loud guy approaches you and hits on you and starts conversations with everyone, doesnt mean he’s a player.
    This dude is indirectly enabling men to not ask and take action for what they want, hence letting mens fears get the best of them and challenging yourself, breaking through barriers, doing your purpose and mission is what the essence of masculinity is. The masculine grows through challenge while the feminine grows through praise.

    • @javi-soliz First of all if he’s talking about women dating on facebook… it means he’s ON Facebook looking at that or looking for online dating aswell so *cough* hypocrisy, second of all is 2017 and people do what they want ! If those women are single and not hurting anyone, why not? I see nothing wrong dating online. I met my boyfriend 2 years ago right here on blah. First guy who didn’t treat me as a piece of meat and first guy who genuinly treated me with respect.
      And finally if a guy wants to date is easy: love yourself in the first place (aka don’t judge others like that guy is doing cause he’s feeling like shit) and then try to talk to people. Go out, go to multiple places and just try to not be a creep. If he tried to have an inteligent conversation with a woman and gave her a smile I’m sure any lady would for sure enjoy his company. Instead he’s whinning about women dating online. And he is one of the best examples why women do it.
      Like you said, men who are men (and like any human quite honestly) when they want something they go and get it, they work hard. A relationship is not just going to fall from the sky….

    • @javi-soliz I have one question though, what did you mean by ”masculine gorws through challenge while the feminine grows through praise”? I don’t want to make a wrong judgment so I’m simply asking

    • you didnt understand the sentence. I watched a video on facebook about a guy giving a sermon to women about men and dating. kind of like a lecture. he was giving the lecture to a room full of women about men and dating.
      when you say love yourself and then try to talk with people by going to multiple places and try not to be a creep, it is easier said than done for most guys. I’ve been in the average joe’s shoes before and it’s not easy to talk to the opposite sex from the get go. men live in a society to where men are taught masculinity something evil from the depths of hell and you should pander to women for their approval. There are no masculine role models for men to look up to. the reason men seem creepy when approaching or interacting with women is because they dont know how to act.
      You’re completely right, a relationship is not going to fall right out of the sky, just like the right moment isnt going to fall from the sky, which is why men have to create it, or if the woman wants to approach, then by all means, but most of the time, women want men to approach first. theres no law written that men have to approach first and theres no law that women have to approach first but a person who has a masculine core is going to make the move first because making the move first is going to make that person vulnerable and being masculine is about challenging yourself and breaking through barriers and that means risking failure, aka rejection.

    • most men are masculine and most women are feminine. some men have feminine cores while some women have masculine cores. and few people have balanced energies, meaning they have equal masculine and feminine cores. masculinity is about purpose and drive, such as breaking through a persons tackle in football, or going 12 rounds in a boxing ring, going off to war to fight, even if it means there’s a high chance you’ll die. it’s also about leadership, challenging yourself and taking risks. when you challenge yourself and overcome the challenge or go 12 rounds in the ring and win, a person masculinity grows and gets stronger.
      for a woman, encouragement, love, support and praise will strengthen a womans feminine core. masculinity’s ultimate goal is freedom, while femininity’s ultimate goal is love. both of these things are achieved differently but the ending result is the same for both. love fulfills the feminine core and freedom fulfills the masculine core. that’s the gist of it.