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    carmen replied to the forum topic Poems in the group Group logoTeens 4 years, 8 months ago

    The last time I saw your face,
    All my mind did was race.
    The joy I felt as my spirit arose,
    I knew my heart opened up, didn’t close.

    The last time I saw your eyes,
    I knew you were speaking lies.
    When the […]

    • I’ve always found that poetry’s the best way to express emotions, and I always thought that a friendship or relationship blooming from poetry would be something to marvel.
      This shows a relationship ending and closing in poetry, and it leaves that missing feeling that you must have felt by showing the end without a beginning.
      It made me think, though; What if a person told a story of a broken love through poetry, but then they left the end off. It’d show how even though you wanted it to last forever, it was cut short. I think it would actually be a really clever way of having the poem represent what it’s talking about in a structural way as well – Since we write horizontally and then move down vertically and continue horizontally, you could increase the length of each line as you go down, making it look like a building, and then at the very bottom, you leave too much space between the end of the text and the end of the page to show that the end wasn’t as long as you’d expected, or as distant, and even – going back to the building metaphor – that it had no foundations, if you didn’t actually think the relationship was working yourself.

      This is why I love poetry. It just works, in every way.