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    Hopefullylesspretentious posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Crazy thought, but maybe we should start some kind of media club, where we collectively read or watch something and discuss? It’d be a way to have new members make friends more easily, and foster social ties in the community. We’d need something like 7-10 people to get this started though. Anyone interested? We can hammer out the details when I know if this is likely.

    • I wish we could still create groups, it would help to get this started.

    • @hopefullylesspretentious I think this could be a good idea, you can always make a thread within a group since it’ll still show up in the ”On The Forums” section and attract attention. It might be something I’m interested in doing too, this would ideally generate discussion and can be a good form of group learning (gathering insight from multiple perspectives). One clear problem that would be encountered, of course, would be access to the media resource (movie, book, etc.) for all (or most) members.

    • @silent-radiance We could stick to older stuff that can be found on project Gutenberg for free. Pretty sure anything older than 50 years that’s of note can be found on there. I’d be in for reading some gothic horror. Jekyll and Hyde is actually an interesting story about coping with homosexuality in Victorian England. As for shows, most anime and TV can be streamed online for free. Movies are trickier. But we can skip those, I can’t think of many that make that much of an impression. And for shows, I’d want to limit to single season things with a cohesive storyline. Anyways, I do already have another person interested. I’d want to start with at least 5-6, so if you can think of another 2-3 people just to have an initial group, it would be helpful.