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    Gleb posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    I’m struggling with post trauma stress. Yay. Now in my alternative volunteering service they make me work 45 hours a week because I missed 88 hours during my ”adaptation” during the first 1.5 months. Not bloody fair. Plus they didn’t give me a set schedule right away when I started.
    The 45 hours will start next week.

    Maybe, just maybe, I can find a professional here for the pts that works on Tuesday in the morning. That’s the only time in the week except Friday when I can do the sessions.

    Everyone else in the volunteering place served in the army so it’s pointless to talk with them about it. 45 hours a week, here I come! with some hope I won’t have a breakdown at my working place.

    Mood : Sick
    • You deserve time to rest and relax @gleb, it’s good to work but they really should give you days off so you don’t get stressed Gleb, take deep breathes, do fun activities when you need too and you will be OK, I’m always here for you, my awesome friend, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • @gleb so sorry for what you’re going through Gleb :( If you need a friendly shoulder you know I’m here for you

    • Thanks very much, @oliver and @marikofujimoto . You’re both awesome and great friends. It’s just that I need some time away from people during the week. It’s not easy having to talk to people so much.